Ways How to Feel Good About Your Body

Sexiness emanates from inside. You cannot expect others to appreciate your body if you yourself do not, to begin with. 


This Spring Break, do not be afraid to show some skin. You are not celebrating, or going to a vacation to delight other people. This is, after all, your reward for yourself, after spending sleepless nights writing essays and reviewing for exams.


Let’s get down to that big question. How can you feel good about your body?


First, don’t compare. Will it make you feel any better to envy a friend with a model-like body? Will it help boost your self-esteem to compare yourself to those men and women on TV?


Let these people serve as your inspiration. Instead of harbouring ill feelings toward your abrupt weight gain, start working out. Stay active. Do not let stereotypes about being fit get in the way of you being happy. Build up your confidence. You never feel jealous of your peers who have already become experts in writing essays. Right? You are even proud of them. In the same vein, it is never wrong to appreciate what others have, but of course not to the extent that you let yourself feel so small.


Live a healthy lifestyle. Let us get one thing straight. You should care about your body not for vanity’s sake, nor for others. You owe it to yourself to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Starving yourself is never the right way to shed pounds, more so is skipping breakfast.


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Sure you have already heard about it. But do you always eat in the morning? Skip on junk foods, use the money instead to buy fruits.

In addition, veer from carbonated drinks. Drink water. Going beyond eight glasses a day is just fine. Our body needs water so it can function properly. You probably cannot concentrate in writing essays because your body lacks liquid.


Wear clothes that make you feel comfortable. You are your best fashion consultant. Following the latest trend does not guarantee you comfort. Brand also does not count. It is all in the way you carry yourself.


Should you feel like you are suffocating when you are wearing form-fitting clothes, then you might as well slash out this option. But do not wear excessively loose tops, otherwise you will look like a hanger draped in an oversized shirt. Do not run for pieces of garments to cover up your body issues that you claim you had out of your frustrations from writing essays.


Focus on your asset. You may not have hips or waist to die for, but hey, your smile can kill. Not to mention, you are good at writing essays that professors would often suggest that you sign up for internships in major publications.


Concentrate on your strengths. Find relief in knowing that nobody’s perfect. Besides, physical attributes does not define who you are. Your inner self still takes the bigger part of you. You can be attractive outside but still have few friends because of your annoying behaviour.


Let compliments make your day. Say thanks when somebody tells that you look good today. Do not counter compliments you receive, instead let them lift your spirits up.


People differ in perception. While you are enjoying writing essays, some students are already wishing they hadn’t gone to school. It is natural to disagree with your friends in terms of things that are pleasing to the eyes. Hence, it is only right to be grateful to those who appreciate you.


Finally, do not be obsessed about your physical looks

Being fit is never a competition with other people. It is rather a personal challenge you ought  to win over. Do not be obsessed about how you look outside that you already are prioritizing hitting the gym over writing essays as course requirements.

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