Gays Living Together In College Campuses: Is There A Bright Future For Them Now that Obama Is Ok With Same-Sex Marriage?

Same sex marriage is a sensitive issue, and we all know that. 

Even an expert essay writer would think twice before publishing his output regarding this. 

Some would rather not speak about their views thinking they might only inadvertently offend the other side. Some are vocal about their opinion believing we are all entitled to that.

This issue is also usually evaded by politicians. It is not that they do not have personal insights on the matter, but they would prefer to keep mum than be barraged with protests.

Tables seem to have turned however when one of the world’s most influential finally shared his standpoint.


Obama speaks up

Barack Obama is the first incumbent president of United States to speak of his position on same sex marriage, in public.

He approves of marriage equality, and it is partly because of his gay friends who have contributed a lot to him changing views over time. Add to that, according to him, after long discussions (that took years) he had with his wife and two daughters, he now personally believes that lesbians and gays should be allowed to marry.

He has no plans of pursuing a policy though, regarding the issue. He leaves it to the states to decide. It is your choice now, as a community essay writer, to lobby for same sex marriage in your hometown.

When Obama ran for presidency in 2008, he was against the idea. He explained that this was because he “was sensitive to the fact that for a lot of people the word ‘marriage’ was something that invokes very powerful traditions..”


Good news for the gay community

You are one brave soul when you take one side and openly discuss about same-sex marriage upon your constituents.

The generation today is likely to become more open to this trend than those that came previous, because they deem it common in the society. Some of their peers may be gays but can’t come out for fear that people around would not be able to accept them, and that an online essay writer they know might use this against them.

But since Obama has told the public that he supports gay marriage, we might be seeing a huge change in this.

Gay and lesbian students in universities would probably feel more comfortable showing who they really are, now that the president is backing them up. In addition, this might be able to contribute to reducing cases of bullying and discrimination in schools and colleges due to gender-related issues.


Looking back

In September 2010, Rutgers University student Tyler Clementi jumped off a bridge after his roommate took a video of him making out with another guy, and acted like an essay writer or reporter as he spread the word online.

Dharun Ravi, Clementi’s roommate, was convicted this March of the 15 charges filed against him. Aside from the jail term, Ravi is set to render 300 hours of community service, and on top of that, probation for three years. He also has to pay $10,000 for a fund dedicated to help bias crime victims.

Clementi’s case stirred controversy, and further ignited debates on gay rights not just in United States but to the rest of the world, as well.


Future awaiting gay students

If Obama’s insights would help people become more open-minded with regard same sex relationships and marriage, then that is good.

If it will aid students to become more confident about themselves, inspire them to pursue their dream of becoming an essay writer for major publications,  and help them gain more friends – people who do not look at them differently, then this is no doubt, a positive news.

If an individual, through Obama’s sharing, would realize that religious beliefs should not be shoved down someone else’s throats. And that is all a matter of respect to let others live the way they want to live, as long as they are not threatening or hurting you in any way, then our days would be happier and peaceful.

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