Annual Scholarship for Working Students

Great news, everybody! We just launched our Annual Scholarship for Working Students!

We’ve been working on this idea for quite a while and now we’re super excited to tell you that A-Writer gives you an opportunity to compete with other writers from around the world and get a great reward for your skills!
Hint: the reward will help you to cover a lot of your college expenses!

Who Can Enter?

Any student from any university and country can participate! The only mandatory requirement for the participants is to provide proof of being currently enrolled in a school in any part of the world.
What matters to us is your writing talent and creative ideas that allow you to turn any topic into a fascinating read.

Just write to us and confirm your status as a participant and make sure that you’re following our writing and submission guidelines.

What Will You Be Writing About?

When we came up with the idea of this scholarship, we thought that the best topic would be about something that many students are familiar with. The reason for this is that we wanted each of you to incorporate your own experience into the essay to make it even more interesting.

So, the main idea around which all of the following topics are centered is job hunting as a student. Since most students work at some point in their student life – and it can be a fun experience – we thought you’d have a lot of great ideas and stories to share with others!

Topic #1: Why Apple Should Hire Graduates from My College/University
Topic #2: How I Turned the Worst Thing about My Job into the Best One
Topic #3: Should All Students be encouraged to Work Part-Time?
Topic #4: Why Every Company Should Consider Hiring Fresh Graduates
Topic #5: My Biggest Accomplishment at Work

The best essays written will also be published on our website. We value quality academic work and want to help others learn how to write excellent essays.

Who Will Be Judging the Winners?

Five of our best writers here at A-Writer will carefully review and select the best essays. They are qualified professionals with years of experience as academic writers, so we are confident in their ability to choose the essays that deserve an award.

Guidelines for Our Annual Scholarship for Working Students

• All essays must be written in English
• We don’t tolerate plagiarism, so we will only accept original papers
• Submit your essay in a Microsoft Word document
• Keep your submission within 2000 Words. All essays that don’t meet this requirement will not be considered
• Don’t change the topics.

The Prizes

Three participants will get prizes: $1000 for the Winner $500 for the 2nd place $250 for the 3rd place. The winners will be paid through Paypal, Skrill or check mailed to student.

Time to Enter!

If you’re currently a student and think you possess some impressive writing skills, why not win our scholarship and use them to win a great prize? Go ahead and send us your request to our contact person Philipp Egger with the subject line “Annual Scholarship for Working Students” or feel free to use this contact form.

We accept submissions from November 30, 2018 through April 15, 2019. We’ll notify and announce the winners by May 1, 2019. 

We’re super excited about this competition and can’t wait to read your awesome essays!