Pet-Loving College Students Receive Good News as Dorms Become Animal-Friendly

Pet-Loving College Students Receive Good News as Dorms Become Animal-Friendly


Pets need not make time for you because they always have it.

They are never busy writing essays. They are rather busy waiting for you to come back home.

When your friends cannot come to your rescue, your pet would always be there. And even if they do not get to give us any advice, still their company gives us relief.


And during stressful times, such as when you are in the university and the course works become so daunting that you become unsure if you shall make it until the end of the semester, few minutes spent with pets can help you relax.



Away from home, close to pets

To students living away from their families the first time, adjusting to college takes more challenge.


It shall help you cope up with the new environment faster though, when you are able to carry with you something significant as you move from home, like for instance, your pet.


Thing is, not all dormitories allow pets. But since the benefits that students gain from having pets in campus are recently gaining popularity, more universities are as well becoming open with the idea of being pet-friendly.


This is favourable when you are used to writing essays, with your dog resting on your lap.


We might be able to see more universities become pet-friendly in the future. But of course, until then, pet-loving students would not have to limit their university choices only to those that allow pets in.



In the name of fairness

Since not everyone is amiable with having pets, universities set rules for bringing pets.


Single building. What schools usually do is they assign a building where all students with pets are living together. Students are likely to tolerate when they can relate. When you don’t have a pet, it is easy to complain that you cannot concentrate on writing essays because of your noisy neighbour.


Size check. Large pets are not allowed. Small pets are favoured as they do not present risks to other students. While school officials recognize that you mean no harm, still they have to look after other students’ welfare and privacy too. Add to that that dorm spaces are usually limited.


Pet characteristics. Should pets be more behaved and easier to control, for instance a fish in a small aquarium, which does not pose threat to other students, then you are more likely to be granted the permission to bring them in your room.



Benefits of having pets

Pets are effective stress-relievers. College can be so nerve-racking – writing essays consecutively while at the same time preparing for reports or exams. You cannot always afford to go out when your schedule is packed and so you shall have to devise ways to relax.


With your pet in your room, the pressure you feel shall lessen. Even after a  long day, you can afford to smile merely seeing your pet.



Additional responsibilities

You shall have additional responsibilities when you bring your pets to your dorm.


Budget is necessary as you need to feed and buy your pets supplies they need. When you are struggling to work your way out of the meagre allowance you are receiving, that you are even accepting peer writing essays tutoring jobs, it is not practical to let your pet in.


Plus, you would also have to spend some time cleaning them up, or looking after them. That means another task you will have to juggle with the rest of your academic commitments.



Bringing pets to campus is a privilege

Privileges do not always come. And when they do, surely there is a catch. With your adorable pet in your dorm, writing essays would sound a lot simpler. But of course, along with that are rules you should comply to. 

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