Dream Date for Valentine’s Day: Guide for the Guys

Cupids. Flowers. Chocolates. Stuff toys. Couples everywhere. You can feel it in the atmosphere. Valentines Day is coming. You can just imagine people rushing to an essay writer they know to ask how to come up with the perfect message for their loved one.

We have different views about Valentines. You can hate or dread this occasion. But why would you frown if you can smile and attract good vibes?

Daydream! It is free. Envision your kind of date, that type that would sweep you off your feet and make you wish for the night to never end.

Let me start the ball rolling. Somehow, this is also a shout-out to my special someone, wherever you are, if you still have not figured a plan. I am most willing to help you out. In fact, I have already laid out some activities we can savor together.

Don’t worry. We are not writing essays. But if you do know a romantic essay writer, you can also ask for some more suggestions. That would also be great.

So here it is. If money is not a concern, and I have the sweetest boyfriend, I would love him to take me to either of these dates:


Scenario #1

Imagine that you and your special someone are on a cruise ship to the Caribbean Islands. You, looking gorgeous on that stunning dress, and your guy, handsome as ever in his sleek black suit, arriving with two glasses of wine.

You can talk about anything, no different than the typical conversations you share, only that this time the environment is more romantic and soothing.

Stars light up the sky. The orchestra is serenading everyone as they play classic love songs. You can dance all night long, even if both of you do not know how to. And make a bored essay writer staring at the crowd smile.

This one is like those events that you see in films, it might sound common already. But if your guy surprises you with tickets to a cruise ship, would you have the guts to decline the offer?


Scenario #2

Let us move to the less elusive type of date, but would still take effort on your guy`s part.

How about a joyride? You and your significant other would drive down the road for hours with no particular destination, just enjoying the scenery outside the window, making the most out of each other’s company.

Share interesting and feel-good stories you read courtesy of an online essay writer. Turn the radio on or play songs and sing along at the top of your lungs. Reminisce your hardest laughs together, and your biggest fights, which you immortalized by writing essays online, using a pseudonym.

The highlight is your guy pulling over the car where you can have an overlooking view of the city and its dazzling lights.

Now you know why he brought several snacks, enough to keep you full until the next day.


Scenario #3

At his place, baking cupcakes, which you both find fun, even if you swear to be the worst cooks ever.

Play around the kitchen, and argue what the instructional guide (written by an essay writer and which he searched and downloaded, himself), is really trying to say. Get frantic about how you always end up pulling out a half-baked or overcooked pastry.

Then when you are finally done, he will invite you to just sit down on the couch and watch a film with him. You will be surprised it is not the action movie he is over again convincing you to see.

It is your favorite film, which he said he will never appreciate, ever. But for you, he shall give it a try.

Even if you are an essay writer claiming to be tired of romantic storylines, you surely would not help but feel touched.


Guys, do not be afraid

Your lady will surely appreciate any effort you show. If a rose is all you were able to prepare, go give it to her. It already means a lot that you remember this day. She would be even more glad if you can give one on ordinary days.

Those scenarios mentioned above are only dream dates which you can set up for your girl, just in case you have the resources. But of course, you can always do better! You are the one after all, who knows best how to make her happy.


Disclaimer: Money has got nothing to do with this

Material gifts, luxurious vacation, expensive bouquet and what other costly presents are you thinking of?

The truth is nothing will ever compare to the joy of you being there beside your loved one, not just on this day of the year, but everytime you can. And do not just be there, be really there. Make her feel special.

Who says ladies are high maintenance? Okay, an essay writer who is talking about relationships may say so. But at the end of the day, all that a woman needs is security, which you can never put a price to.


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