How to Teach Kids Disaster Preparedness Measures

Even the highest skyscrapers and sturdiest trees can fall down when natural calamities strike.  Experts have warned us about these possibilities, and still continue to share valuable information to the public by writing essays online.  

If we’ll think of it, we humans are no less vulnerable than structures. We have been witnesses how destructive storms have taken the toll on among the world’s strongest nations, Japan and USA. Preparing for disasters is indeed the most that we can do to at least mitigate the possible losses we may have to endure.

First on the list that we have to pay attention to are the little ones. How do we get them to understand disaster preparedness measures? The solution is to…

Use playtime to educate kids

You may not be with your children when bad weather unleashes its worst attack. We could only wish we were blessed with superpowers so we can teleport to where kids are, and save them from imminent danger. But we aren’t, and we never will be.


With that, here are strategies you can use to educate your kids regarding disaster preparedness procedures.


     Take a break from writing essays and start coming up with a list for the household’s benefit. Let your kids design your output and read it out aloud with them before posting. Display it where it is always accessible, for instance on the refrigerator door. Have the children pick which magnet to use.


     Devise a plan of the things to bring and do whenever untoward incidents occur. Kids must learn to adopt the outlook that no matter what, the best thing that they could save is their self, and not any costly valuable. They need not finish writing essays when their teacher is already asking them to evacuate.


     Play roles and conduct fire or earthquake drills at home. In a trained population, it will take only a few minutes to get people to their safety. When children become used to disaster preventive measures and escape routes, they will be able to help not only themselves, but also their peers.


     Come up with an emergency communication plan along with writing essays exercises.

Teach them what they ought to when it is already safe to move around. Help your child memorize a contact number of anybody in the household so they can as well call for rescue. This is as well beneficial should they find themselves in an unfamiliar place with strangers.


     Make the educational talks more engaging for kids. Instead of sharing traditional fairy tale stories before bedtime, use instead books with colourful illustrations about safety procedures. When you are writing essays together, let them suggest any topic they want to explore that is related to disaster preparedness. Children are more likely to actively participate when the approach you use is interesting to them. This is also one way how you can reduce or avoid trauma from creeping in your children, should natural calamities take place.

Do it as soon as you can

There is no age requirement as to when you should be educating your kids about disaster preparedness measures. Even if they are not yet ready to be writing essays at their age, children will be able to absorb information you impart to them.

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