How to Deal With Abusive Teachers

How to Deal With Abusive Teachers (Plus Tips on Filing Complaint)

Teachers are expected to serve as parents’ partners in guiding students. But what if these people cause you nightmares and traumatic experiences instead, what should you do, and to whom should you call for help?

Should you be writing essays online to expose their uncalled for behaviour?

Penn State Abuse Scandal
Several names have been dragged in the issue, from young ones who were purportedly tortured emotionally and physically, to their parents fighting for justice, and school officials caught in public ridicule. The Penn State Abuse Scandal has undeniably left the public appalled, even those not directly involved in the issue.

Those in the teaching industry are among the ones hardly hit. If you are say a teacher for kids with special needs, you would feel ashamed for your fellow professionals that are caught in an intrigue like this. But if it would be proven true that indeed, Former Penn State defensive coordinator, Gerald “Jerry” Sandusky sexually abused 10 boys in a span of 10 years, then this case should not be taken lightly.

This controversy calls for urgency in educating students on measures they could take should they face similar abuse cases such as what allegedly happened at PSU.

Coping up with verbally abusive professors
You need not wait for the issue to become a sexually related one before you act. Even those professors or teachers that are harassing students verbally can be reported. You have the right to file a complaint to the authorities.

Gauge whether the professor is only having a bad day. Once you have proven that they are being downright mean for nothing, the next step is to check whether you can still switch classes. Inquire from other students first how this other professor is like. You would not want to move to a class handled by a much meaner professor.

Keep attending your professor’s classes in case you have no choice but to stay. Ignore any verbal attacks thrown at you though. Do not give your professor any reason to say that you were the one that provoked the incident to happen. Let your mates be your witnesses. Get even with them in a positive approach. Do well when you are writing essays. Ace exams.

Also, you might have peers that are feeling the same way toward your professors. Meet with these people so you can altogether exchange lecture notes, and at the same time, draw support from each other. If still the professor would not change, and has even become more unbearable, then this is the time that you should report to authorities.

Filing complaints
Note down specific details when filing complaint. This is pretty much comparable to writing essays as you should form sound arguments.

Note down the exact dates and places where the abusive attacks took place. If there is any authority present during the time of the abuse, for example fellow teachers, who have seen the incident but chose to keep mum, you may also include the names of those people. They should as well have their share of responsibility.

Gather evidences to support your claim. And then head to the Office of the Student Affairs to seek assistance how you should go about the process. Are you supposed to fill out forms? Should you bring your parents with you?

Do not be afraid. Note that speaking up is doing a favor to your fellow students, who might be the next victims of the unruly professor.

Do your part
When you do not do anything to stop abuse cases like what allegedly happened at PSU, chances are it will continue to take place. You can talk about random people and their abusive actions as you  go into writing essays online. Do the same when you encounter abusive teachers.

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