You Don’t Know How to Write a Process Analysis Essay? Follow This Guide!

A process analysis essay is an academic assignment that explains how something works, how something is done, or how something happens. Imagine you want to gain as much information as possible on whatever topic that interests you. If it’s a TV set, for example, you’ll want to know about its components and the way they work together to provide the experience you expect.

Clearly, you must go beyond providing simple instructions. If we stick with this example, we’ll say that you’re not writing a simple instructional manual on how to use the TV set. You’ll write a detailed and probably long essay that explains how a complex system works.

This is not a creative writing project. It’s not that much about critical thinking, either. A process analysis requires analytical thinking skills. Although it’s long and detailed, it’s not that hard to write when you approach it the right way.

Suggestions for Serious, Provocative, and Funny Process Analysis Essay Topics

Before we get to the practical tips on how to write a analysis paper, let’s solve an important matter: the topic. You need to think of a title, which will awaken your interest to conduct research and write the content. For most college students, that’s a big problem.

If you can’t think of a unique topic for your paper, these suggestions might help.

  1. How Bee Colonies Work
  2. How Swimming Works for People
  3. How Cheating on Tests Works
  4. How to Prepare for a Summer Vacation
  5. How to Bathe a Dog
  6. How to Become an Instagram Influencer
  7. How Gymnasts’ Training Works
  8. How GPS Works
  9. How Does the Internet Work?
  10. How Marathon Running Works
  11. How Do University Degree Programs in England Work?
  12. How to Pay for a University Degree
  13. How to Start a Small Business on eBay
  14. How TV Sets Work
  15. How Radio Works

If you search for process analysis essay examples free, you’ll notice one main thing about them: they are very versatile. There’s no specific formula on how to come up with a topic. You just need an item, concept, or idea you’re interested in, and you should explore how it works.

The topic may be very serious. How Radio Works, for example, is a challenging topic that will require tons of research through technical data. How Cheating on Tests Works, on the other hand, is a fun topic that calls for some creativity.

Whatever topic you choose, keep in mind that this should be a fact-based project. A factual analysis is part of the process analysis essay definition. Think of a title that will trigger your interest! When you really want to know how something works, you’ll be inspired to write an essay about it.

The Real Guide: How to Write a Process Analysis Essay

Once you have your topic, you’ll certainly need some tips on how to approach the assignment. Remember: this is not a how-to blog post. You’re not going to write it for the general online audience. It’s an academic writing assignment after all, so you have to live up to the expectations.

Start By Reading a Good Example of a Process Analysis Essay

If you have absolutely no idea how to start, a good online sample can help. Needless to say, you’re not going to copy the ideas and structure of the example. Plagiarism is not allowed in academia! You’re only going to get inspired, so you can write your own, unique essay.


What exactly do you know about this topic? If you brainstorm, you’ll come up with few ideas on what to write about.

The process analysis essay is supposed to teach something. You can only teach about the things you know, so be clear with yourself: what knowledge base do you have on this matter?


Of course; you’re not expected to know everything about this topic. You can always conduct some research to find out more. With so many online resources to rely on, it’s easy to go through the research process for an academic paper. Still, it’s important to use only reliable and authoritative sources. Check a fact several times before you’re sure you can include it in your process analysis.

Don’t forget to keep track of your sources; since you’ll need to reference them in the bibliography.

Outline the Process Analysis Essay

It’s really important to format this paper as a process. It needs a progressive logical flow, which will be easy for the reader to follow. If you don’t work according to a specific template, you’ll easily get lost along the way. That’s why it’s important to write an outline before you start writing.

In the outline, plan what you’ll write in the main sections of the paper: the introduction, body, and conclusion.

Focus When You Write

Depending on the complexity of the topic and the sections your outline includes, it may be impossible for you to write the entire essay in a single day. That’s why you’ll have to plan the process across several stages.

If you lose focus and fall for distractions, you’ll start procrastinating. You don’t want that! Have a specific plan that pushes you to stay committed to your papers.

What Can You Do When It’s Too Hard to Write a Process Analysis Essay?

So you read a great online sample.

You thought of a great topic.

You’re still not inspired enough.

Unfortunately, essays can do that to you. You may plan the outline and write the introductory paragraph easily. Then, you’ll get stuck when you get to the body paragraphs. If it was easy to write a process analysis essay, every single student would get an A+ on it. But it’s not.

Since you cannot risk your college GPA for a single assignment, you have to do something about it. Whether it’s a sequential analysis or any other kind of paper you’re struggling with, you can always order it online. A professional writer will analyze the instructions and will write an article that’s unique and ready to submit.

You got stuck with the conclusion? You don’t understand the description for the paper? You can’t even start with the introduction? It doesn’t matter. What matters is that an online service can always offer assistance with the planning, writing, and editing of a processing analysis essay.

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